Monday, January 17, 2011

Diary of Friends

During my lifetime I’ve had a lot of people come in and out of my life. Whether it’s from my hometown, my workplace, or elsewhere I’ve realized I know a lot of people. Thanks to social networking I now know some people who I’ve never even met face to face apparently. It’s all good though because at some point in this small world we all will cross paths at some point.

I may have over 1200 friends on Facebook, but in real life my circle of friends is very small. I’m an only child, but I always had a lot of friends and as you get older that number becomes smaller and smaller. People go different directions in their lives and you have to choose which direction you want to go in and that direction may not be the same direction as someone close to you.

As an adult the one thing I’ve noticed is and what I’m thankful for all my real friends! A lot of guys that I grew up with are still some of my closest friends. My two closest friends don’t even live in Northwest Indiana anymore, but despite the distance we remain friends. We still trust one another and would be there if we needed one another. I’ve had my share of female friends too and when I mean friends I really mean friends! I’m thankful for every one of them. At times I’ve crossed that platonic line only to regret it later. I vowed I would never cross that line again and I haven’t since. Others have simply fell to the way side. Some women are just fickle, which could end up being messy, which could lead to drama, which could lead to things escalating and that’s not healthy.

As we move about through this crazy world we have to be careful who we allow into our world. Lord knows if I treated people the way they have treated me over the years I would be hated more than liked. I don’t say that to say I’m an angel, because I’m not! Personally when I do go off on someone it probably hurts more because I don’t do it very much, which probably means if I said something hurtful, then,…. well,…. chances are I meant what I said! Being a nice person doesn’t mean its open season to get rolled over on. It means you defending yourself like any other person would when it’s needed, even if it’s not as frequent as others.
As 2011 begins to settle in all of us are making changes and some people from last year or past years didn’t make it here with you. Some of those reasons were simply not in our control while other relationships, friendships, etc, have simply run their course. Like a team that got eliminated from the playoffs, well their season is over. Sometime people are just around for a season to help you grow a little more.

Coming in to 2011 I didn’t make a list of formal resolutions, but I’ve made some promises to myself that I have every intention on keeping them. I invite doubters to take a front row seat to watch things unfold.

As you live your lives people will always have an opinion of who they think you are. No matter what you do whether it’s positive or negative people will always have something to say about you. The sad part is how people talk about you when you’re trying to do something positive! That in itself amazes me! A friend of mine posted up a status the other day and it said “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” I’d like to add to that by asking “Which one are you?” I’d rather discuss ideas and a few events along the way. I’ll save the small minded discussions for small minded people!

In my life I had extreme highs and extreme lows and some bulls**t in between and somehow I’m still here. That in itself is something to be grateful for. In this life know who your friends are. When people tell you exactly who they are, you should listen closely. Trust your instincts. Trust few and treat people like you would want to be treated. Don’t criticize people if you can’t deal with being criticized yourself. Learn to communicate to people and don’t expect anyone to assume anything. Last, but not least know that the high road is much smoother to take in life’s situations, but it’s harder to find sometimes. We all have our time to shine and when it’s your time to shine on the people that were negative towards you or tried to bring you down, blind those people with your light not to show off, but to say them in your own special way…..nice try and thanks…..

God Bless,

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