Sunday, October 4, 2009

When Keeping it Real Can be a Cop-Out…..

I just want to thank everyone that has and will continue to support me. One of the reasons I write what I write because we need more positive messages in the world! It’s a sad thing to see so much negativity everywhere you look! The thing that pisses me off about that at times people want to accuse people of not being real when they are trying to put out positive messages!

Its one thing to keep it real and it’s another thing not to aspire to be better people than our circumstances and situations have presented to us! Some people just don’t want good shit in their life and confuse keeping real with simply just giving in to lack-luster things! When I say this I’m not talking about money because people can be rich or wealthy financially, but can be poor morally and spiritually!

People sell themselves short sometime in relationships and life simply because they feel they can’t do any better or even worst because they think they don’t deserve better!! Maybe it was the way you were raised, maybe it was the neighborhood you were raised in, or maybe, just maybe somebody told you that you had limits and put limits on you! People may say this sounds cliché or sounds like a line, but you can do whatever you aspire to do!!

This world is bigger than the hoods we grew up in, bigger than the shit we see where we live! Every day we go out and help someone else achieve their dreams and it’s called having a job! LOL! It’s necessary for us to do most times, but it costs nothing to dream, but it costs you everything if you don’t dream!

So this is my motivational drop for all my peoples out there! And for anyone that may think that I’m on some fake shit, you might want to check my resume and understand that I didn’t come from money, I didn’t grow up in the best place, but it certainly wasn’t the worst and my mother raised me on her own. The shit I’ve seen and been around all my life I could have went with the negative, but I decided not to! Everyone that I’ve dealt with in my life has not always did right by me and wanted me to succeed, but every day I prove them wrong not by what I say, but by what I do and doing so with class and integrity! In my life I go by what I know I deserve, not by what someone thinks I deserve! The more honest I am with myself the more I understand how far I’m able to go as long as I work hard for it!! Anything worth having isn’t easy! Also for the record I’m not content with the way things are so I’m still working hard towards my goals!

If you think about it doing negative things can come very easy, but whenever people decide to do something positive it’s a little harder and I truly believe that’s why some people give up some time on their dreams or why they don’t try to even aspire to do something good in their lives. Some people just don’t want to work that hard or even worst they don’t even try!!!

People fail in romantic relationships sometimes or most times because they don’t ry. People fail in life to go after what they deserve because they don’t try! Some people decide to do negative things because the negative is easy and they know the positive requires some work. The messed up thing is the people doing the positive things are looked down upon at times because the people doing the negative things want to perceive what the positive people are doing as soft or fake when in reality the task to do something positive requires more effort!! In reality the positive people are the hard ones because their trying to achieve the harder tasks. The people looking down on your positive acts are haters!!

I laugh at people like this and I feel sorry for them because I honestly thought hating went out of style like a VCR!! I mean really!! It’s hating like so 2004!!
So I’ll keep today’s message short and sweet and I’ll simply say this!! Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy and shatter your dreams!!! If you have someone in your circle that is constantly telling you that you can’t have this or you can’t do this or you don’t deserve a good man or a good woman because they don’t exist or anything negative at all, I suggest you keep them at arm’s length or simply rid them out of your life! That’s something I practice and I got long enough arms to keep muthafucka’s like this away from me!

Sometimes keeping real can be a cop out for fear of failure or even worst, thinking you don’t deserve, when really you should be saying I want more, but I just don’t know how! That people is keeping real! Be honest with yourself first and go after what’s yours and if you don’t know how talk to someone that can help you, but don’t mistake keeping real for not trying hard enough or not trying at all. Everyone have a wonderful week….

God Bless,
“13 Ways” (The Movement)

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Love Recession:Part 2

Love Recession: Part 2

Well, Facebook, MySpace, and whoever else reads this, I’ve officially took the gloves off for this one! I turned the governor off and I’m putting my foot on the gas! As a matter fact issue me a speeding ticket on this one! I can’t type this shit fast enough!

Some of you may have tuned in to hear me on Neko Cheri “Live” Blog Talk Radio” If not go to The show was a great experience and I’m thankful that I was on tonight, but it felt unfinished tonight for me. There will be a part two, but I got some things to say that me and some of the guys on the show wanted to address! At least I will right now! My goal as with anything I write or do is to leave people with a message they can take home and possibly use in everyday life.

Tonight was supposed to be about what I call “Your Love and Relationship Stimulus Package”, but we got off base tonight! I’m not mad at that though because getting off base on the show, put me on base this very moment and reaffirmed what I’ve known for a while……A lot of people have it twisted when it comes to relationships and all that it takes to get there, IF THEY WANT TO GET THERE IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE!!

As men and women we get shit confused!!! I swear the minute the subject gets on sex, everything changes and the message becomes twisted and it’s a very difficult thing to come out of that! Is sex a great thing? YES!! Is it the only thing that matters, HELL NO!!! People confuse sex with love, people confuse sex with power, people confuse sex with talent, people confuse sex as caring and in some cases sex is an occupation, whether you’re getting paid for it or not!!! (Pay attention to last line if that flew over your head!)

It’s very easy for women to think that men are all about sex! After all we are supposed to be the pursuers right!! Women get offered sex in many different forms and fashions each and every single day, but not all men are purely just interested in you for sex and I find it terrible and insult to the intelligence of the good men in the world that there are some women that think this way! The bad men or I should say the men who are purely talking to a woman in pursuit of pussy mess it up for the good guys who actually want a woman to have a relationship with and not just any woman, but a good woman!! The fucked up part is that we have good women dealing with bad men and that in itself is not only messing it up for the next man that comes along, but it fucks up a women’s thinking as well, not to mention her self-esteem if they really got into a man and they got mistreated or cheated on!
Then as a result sometimes we get the sexually free, revolutionary, Ms. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T ,miss I’m a Diva, type women that get things twisted off top!! Now let me clarify something, because not all independent women think this way, but for those of you that do…..well, think again!!

I’ll say this also, and it came up in the show……MEN LOOK AT WOMEN DIFFERENTLY WHEN THEY ARE KNOWN TO HAVE MULITPLE SEXUAL PARTNERS!!!! It’s unfortunate, because when men are known for having a lot of sexual partners they are rewarded, while women are looked down on! I don’t give a damn how comfortable your with your sexuality ladies, because if you put out that “I’m just getting what I need and having my moment message all the time”, then you’re setting yourself up for that hoe label! It’s totally unfair, but this behavior is expected of men, when actually it’s equally bad! When I’m taking about a woman with multiple partners I’m not talking about a woman who may have been with more than um….let’s just say 15 men in her lifetime! For instance……If your 30 and you been having sex since you where say 16, then personally I wouldn’t call that promiscuous, especially if they’re sex life isn’t publicly known! There may not be many virgins, but we don’t want a woman that everyone is had and no woman should want a man that’s been with everybody either!! Everybody has pasts, but no one wants a hoe! We all have pasts, but I’m just saying…..

For instance…..If you see a woman with a man that you know and you actually seen that woman commit a sexual act like giving head to a number of guys….at the same time…..and there not a porn star…..then chances are……that woman is out there….BAD!! You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife fool! (Cue P.Diddy with ad libs-“Take that, take that!”)

A man, well at least a good man, wants a lady!! A lady doesn’t have her business all out in the street! A lady doesn’t sleep with everything that walks her way or better yet with everyman that gives her attention! Also, for you men that think you’re players telling all your sexual conquests, that don’t make you more of a man than the next man either!! Gentlemen never tell!!, but punks do! I understand the difference between a woman choosing her mate opposed to settling for what she attracts too!! Also ladies you can take that either way, because in some cases you may not attract the good guy that has it all together, because you may attract a buster or a thug that may break you off, but leaves pregnant and won’t help you raise that child!! Did you hear that? I just pissed somebody off!!

Let me get off the women for a while because men are the professionals at just taking what they attract! Why do you ask? Because a man will just think about what they can get from that woman!! First of all sex of course, then money, driving their car, and if a woman has her own place and that man doesn’t…..AWWW SHIT!! These women who allow a man to use them this way, especially if that man doesn’t have anything going for himself and he treats you badly in the first place generally have low-self esteem anyway!! That low-self esteem could be due to a poor self-image, weight issues, women who bloomed late and don’t know how to handle the attention, to woman that are simply clueless to understanding when a man really loves them, opposed to when he is using you! And while this is going on a man can tell if you have low-self esteem! The bigger question to the guys is can you handle a confident independent lady??

We as men and women need to be more careful in who we deal with! We all know that there are STD’s, HIV, AIDS and something that we can lose before we lose are lives to sex……our self –respect!

Like I said, people get sex confused with everything else! Everybody knows what sex is, but most people have no idea what it takes to make love! Why do you ask? Because most of us are in a rush to have sex! When people make love is lasts a lot longer and it’s a well deserved gift! Love making isn’t something that everyone receives either! It’s an emotional attachment to that person based on love, not to mention a whole lot better than just sex! If your having good sex with someone then, that is all it is!!! Is there anything wrong with that? No! If your sleeping with everybody to find it, then that’s a problem!

We are a perverted generation! There are all kinds of drugs to fix your sexual problems, but there isn’t one drug that will cure someone of pancreatic cancer! Hell there’s no permanent cure for eczema, but they got a bunch of cures for erectile dysfunction!

Sex is a beautiful thing, but we misuse it and mistreat it!! It’s a sin most of us commit, have committed and will continue to commit! I’m just going to leave that statement at that! You or I are without sin so until all of are, some us need to quit the pulpiting! That statement is for some of these so called “I ain’t never did nothing wrong Christians!” Truth be known I know a few and they really are not that Godly as the image they portray! They like getting broke off too and they aren’t married, but will happily show up for church on Sunday!…..Did you hear that? Yep me too! Just pissed somebody else off!!! I’m just saying keep it 100 and quit acting like you so saved that you don’t sin because we all do!

I hate the fact that people don’t focus on finding love as much as finding sexual conquests and even worst when people confuse the two! I’m disappointed in the fact that some people don’t believe in marriage, but will have a child with someone that they wouldn’t think of marrying, if they even believed in marriage in the first place! It’s a hell of a thing when men and woman get hurt not only because the people we seek sometime hurt us and they don’t know themselves, but even worst when we don’t know who the hell we are either and we haven’t taken time to find out ourselves instead of allow someone to define you!

I see men and women sell themselves short everyday and then have the audacity to call it reality or think their keeping real, but in essence their slowly giving up on what they really want and need! What these people need to do is admit what there really feeling and tell the truth! Some people sell themselves short because of their appearance, financial situation, poor self-esteem or simply because they begin to lose hope and patience because it’s much harder to find a good man or woman opposed to the bad, so they settle! Anything worth having is worth waiting for!!

When the hell are we going to wake up!!??? And people wonder why some marriages don’t last and why people have difficulty maintaining a healthy romantic relationship in the first place! The answer is simple! It’s not built on the right things!!! There foundation is weak!!
Love isn’t enough!! Sex sure the hell isn’t enough, and today even having a child by someone is really not enough!!! Let’s build relationships on mutual interests, mutual respect, mutual goals, and take are time! Take the time to build trust!! Go deeper than appearance with your mate and make your mate your best friend! I have a beautiful girlfriend, but I’m with her because she’s a lot more than pretty!!! A lot more!! Love will follow and lovemaking will follow…..Then marriage and possibly then a child! And I’m not knocking people who have children out of wedlock, but a child is to be loved and raised no matter what the relationship situation with love! A child is not a mutual agreement or a mutual interest and most importantly not a mutual reason to ignore and fight each other!!

Until we learn to build relationships on love, positive things, and most importantly, God, we will continue be in a state of a “Love Recession”

Well, at least that’s my take…..What’s yours?

God Bless,
“13 Ways” (The Movement)

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